andromeda application-1
A versatile light with multiple configurations
concord mockup burnt orange
An Acoustic Linear Light
Restaurant Ring Light-1 copy
Ring Light
Multiple Configurations and Sizes

Details, Sharp Designs & Effortless Style

A Touch of Style

Lighting Elements is a lighting manufacturer, specializing in the production of simple, modern, European style LED lighting. We offer a wide range of high quality products. We research and develop products that are beautiful, functional, and of the highest quality.

Quality Products

Our full range of products have passed all local and international certification and quality standards. We also have long-term relationships with well-known parts manufacturers such as CREE, PHILIPS, OSRAM.

Our products have been utilized in high end commercial and office environments as well as big name restaurant and hotel chains. Our products are elegant and stand out from the rest, and, we take pride in that!