Omni Lucent


The Omni Lucent Troffer from Lighting Elements is the first universal troffer for any application. How universal? So universal that we don’t even need an ordering block: there is a single part number for the 2×2 size and a single part number for the 2×4 size. The Omni Lucent can accomplish this revolu- tionary approach by offering completely field adjustable options for the following light parameters:

  • Color Temp Adjustable: 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K
  • Light Output Adjustable
    • 2×2 either 24W or 36W output
    • 2×4 either 24W, 36W, 42W, 50W
  • Zero Plenum Consideration Needed – total troffer height of 1.75” is less than the ceiling grid. Give the engineers a break! No need to worry about this fixture for plenum clearance.
  • Universal voltage with 0-10V dimming – standard That’s it, just plug it into the fixture schedule and go!

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